There is a very strict code of practice when breeding Burmese cats which we adhere

to in order to protect the integrity of the breed.

We have 8 girls referred to as queens which have excellent pedigrees. Oyibo is our registered prefix to our pedigree. All our cats are Hypokalaemia free.

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Amber (Ohio Lathyrus)

D.O.B 15.03.16

Amber is a Chocolate Burmese with a gentle and loving nature and loves cuddles from anybody. Her mother is Rosie who is another of our queens and has the same beautiful temperament. She carries a variety of colours.

Georgie (Oyibo Aspasia)

D.O.B 11.09.13

She is a Blue Tortie and carries a variety of colours, she also has a lovely temperament and loves cuddles

Jazz (Adjulbu Oyibo Razzle-Dazzle)

D.O.B 01.04.17

Colour: Cream

Jazz is a beautiful cream girl with a gorgeous eye colour. She has proved to be an excellent mum and is very attentive to her babies. Jazz is very loving and has a really adorable nature.

Jessie J (Oyibo Arethusa)

D.O.B 7.6.13

Jessie J is a Chocolate girl, and a strong willed cat who knows what she likes, especially cuddles, food and kittens!

Rosie (Oyibo Danae)

D.O.B 18.5.14

Rosie is a Chocolate Tortie and sadly had to be hand raised as we unfortunately lost her mum. We have become her parents and she is our baby girl and is so adorable and loving

Sapphire (Oyibo Liberty-Bell)

D.O.B 21.03.16

Sapphire is a Lilac Tortie Burmese, and the only girl in the litter from her mother Tessa who has sadly been rehomed to a very loving family.  Sapphire is our ‘naughty tortie’ and loves getting into trouble.  A typical tortie who will cause chaos, and then come to you for a cuddle and a kiss.

Tula (Oyibo Bellona)

D.O.B 7.10.13

Colour: Blue

Tula is an extremely active girl and loves to run around the house before settling for a cuddle around your neck, her favourite place.  This shows her ever loving affectionate nature

Willow (Oyibo Lolita)

D.O.B 28.05.16

Willow is a Brown Burmese, and her mother is Jessie J who is another of our queens.  Willow is a very inquisitive little girl and loves getting into everything.  She is very affectionate and loving and loves playing with our dogs.

Artie (Hobberdy Oyibo-Artieshaw)

D.O.B 17.7.14 Colour - Blue

Artie is the latest edition to our boys, he will replace Rafa when he retires, but he already knows what he needs to do!

He is a Blue boy from good breeding and a delightful addition to the family

Beau (Pegavi Ojibo Beaureguard)

D.O.B 26.11.2005

Beau is our vesectomised boy, he provides a useful service by entertaining our girls without the need for them to fall pregnant.  He is semi retired but loves his job!

Oddjob (Oyibo Oddjob)

 DOB 01/05/17

Oddjob is a bit of a 'cheeky chap', he loves cuddles and will throw himself on you to get them if you do not pick him up quick enough!He adores his girls and certainly loves their company. He is the son of our cats Rosie and Rhubarb Jr and is a very loving member of our family.

Rhubarb Jr (Karriewhitchit Rhubarb Jr)

D.O.B 5.3.14 Colour - Brown

Rhubarb Jr is the son of our beloved Rhubarb who we sadly lost.  We decided due to his breeding to carry on his bloodline because of his excellent temperament by introducing his son.  He is a gorgeous Brown boy with the sweetest loving nature, he loves to get lots of fuss from us and loves his girlfriends.

Willows Cattery based in Ifold on the Surrey/Sussex boarder, the home of the Oyibo Burmese breed.

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Breeders for over 60 years.


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